Do you know what a trident is? That the president is allowed to speak without a piece of paper


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Do you know what a trident is? That the president is allowed to speak without a piece of paper

Do you know what a trident is? That the president is sometimes allowed to speak without a piece of paper.
This is a diversion, natural. They, it turns out, knew for a year about the coming war. All right, fuck them, with people who lost their lives so as not to ruin a prosperous economy. People are rarely taken into account in geopolitical games.

But what has been done this year?
Criminal implementations on combat generals.
Pressing the opposition.
Defense programs and reforms of the Armed Forces were curtailed.
Billions were buried in the asphalt, and Mariupol built gazebos in the yards and beautiful piers instead of fortifications.

How to unblock Ukrainian ports: what does Poroshenko offer?

Paintings, Scythian gold, seed fund, museums, archives, high-tech productions, grain, machinery, rolled products were not taken out, everything remained where it lay.
Poroshenko asked for money for defense, received new piles for implementation.
Helmets, armor, uniforms, shoes, medicine - nichren is not and is not planned.

That is, the year that could be used to counteract the aggressor, the government used to spend more money, 5 times to go on vacation and drive the opposition under the plinth. Quiet so as not to panic.

The priests of the Moscow Patriarchate once again proved that they are on the side of evil

OK. After the fight, waving your fists is about zero. But one question interests me, WHY did the president say it out loud now? Right now, when it is necessary to hold out for a month and a half before the supply of heavy offensive weapons. Now, when Donbass is full of assholes, and the info fields are flooded with the video "we are being thrown to the slaughter." Why say in an interview with the Western press: "Yes, we deliberately screwed up"? Does he not understand that he is throwing firewood into the hearth of all-burners, inciting internal conflict and damaging the country's reputation as a whole?

Rhetorical questions. Three years of rhetorical questions. Zelensky was never a genius, but after the 24th he at least learned not to tease hernia. In the process, everyone returned to factory settings. And the economy is "thriving", which is typical.

Tanya Adams - translation

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