Jokes over coffee. About politics jokingly and seriously


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Jokes over coffee. About politics jokingly and seriously

In the Russian military unit:
- Guys, let's take a picture at the monument.
“Perhaps for memory?”
- Нет.

Max Shcherbina:
Russian Army Assistance Fund "Return Zhigul"

The German chancellor called the Kremlin for the first time since the end of May and offered to "completely withdraw troops" from Ukraine. Scholz - troll of the year)

The global direction of the entire history of mankind is at stake in Ukraine

Delighted Bulgarian:
Border schools of the Belgorod region will be transferred to distance learning. Covid?

Our Canada:
Putin refused Armenia military assistance. Russia does not abandon its own people, it simply abandons them.

"The time has come to mobilize all resources." The LDPR announced that it would send 25 caps and 000 notebooks to the front.

A monument to corrupt officials has been unveiled in Moscow. Giant wheel as a symbol of rollback.
And it doesn't spin. As a sign that it would be necessary to grease.

I didn’t understand, but wasn’t the Tsar Wheel consecrated ???

In Ukraine, the oligarchs have already been defeated, and corruption, and poverty, and…

According to Russian liberals, the biggest victims of the war are Russian liberals.

Aunt Rose:
Putin promised the Russians that they would go to heaven. But they ended up in the Reich.

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