How Hitler broke the lives of women in love with him


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Kids, don't look! Now it will be about sex. Today - let's talk about Hitler.

How can one love the instigator of war and the initiator of genocide, who kept half the world and his own people in fear? It turns out, even as possible!

In this issue, Oleg Kryshtopa will tell you about women who loved the bloody tyrant Adolf Hitler, yes, the same devilish Fuhrer. And there were many, because Hitler was wildly popular at one time! Such a star of Hollywood, God forbid.

Were Stalin and Hitler gay?

But first I must say that the most piquant is the love story of a very young Adolf to a resident of the Austrian Linz - Stephanie Rabash. She was a local beauty. Hitler and his friend Guslik Kubicek watched from the bench for hours as she walked with her mother through a local park. Adolf wrote her poems, but did not send. He promised to approach her tomorrow, but did not dare.

The promised piquancy is that the girl's maiden name is Isaac. That is, the most odious anti-Semite in history was in love with a young Jewish woman!

Hitler did not get along with this youthful love, but later, so to speak, he completely withdrew his soul, because he really did not suffer from a deficit of female attention.

The life of Billy Wilder, who could have killed Hitler

Here is not a complete list of women in love with Adolf Hitler:
- Carla de Vries of California
- 17-year-old half-niece Heli Raubal
- 16-year-old Bavarian Mimi Reiter
- Sigrid von Laffert is the Führer's most beautiful mistress
- British Unity Valkyrie Mitford
- And, of course, longtime mistress Eva Brown

And there were: the French peasant Charlotte Lobge and Erna Hanfstengl.
The latter in general twisted Hitler like a gypsy in the sun, took part in the assassination attempt on him and did not even suffer punishment for it!

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