Hungary consistently supports Russian fascists


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Hungary consistently supports Russian fascists

Hungary opposes planned new package of anti-Russian sanctions, it is possible that the country will use its right of veto against any EU decision that requires unanimity

This is reported by the Financial Times with reference to sources.

"At a meeting of EU ambassadors, Hungary, which already vetoed the 18 billion euro aid package for Ukraine on Tuesday, opposed the new package of sanctions against Russia and the proposal to double the EU fund for providing weapons to Ukraine and other countries," the publication says .

Josef Sayer, Orban's main homophobe, was detained by Brussels police during a gang raid

Some diplomats worry that Hungary will use its veto power against any EU decision that requires unanimity. One senior EU diplomat told the publication that "radical steps" could be expected. Budapest could also veto the extension of the Schengen area without border controls to Croatia and possibly Romania and Bulgaria.

PS For memory: Hungary once fought on the side of Hitler, today Orbán is on the side of Nazism of the 21st century — on the side of Reichsführer Putin. History made its circle...

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