A real portrait of the first emperor of the Moscow Empire


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A real portrait of the first emperor of the Moscow Empire

I apologize in advance for the Muscovite language, but the quote:

“A raging, drunken, rotten beast from syphilis, for 1/4 century, destroys people, executes, burns, buries the living in the ground, imprisons his wife, debauchery, masculinity, gets drunk, he himself, having fun, cuts off heads, blasphemes, rides with a likeness of a cross made of chibouks in the form of childbearing members ..."

No, it's not a description of Lovecraft's character, it is Leo Tolstoy's quote about Peter I, in which we can enjoy a real portrait of the first emperor of Moscow. And this is not the view of European historiography, this is the view of a full-blooded Muscovite who should praise his king.

On November 2, 1708, the Moscow army of Tsar Peter I brutally destroyed the Ukrainian city of Baturyn.

Let me remind you that in Muscovy, Peter I is glorified, monuments are erected, he is made a hero who liberated the original Moscow lands. However, the truth is completely different.

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