Sodom was destroyed by a meteorite, scientists say


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Sodom was destroyed by a meteorite, scientists say

"A new study has confirmed the theory that the biblical city of Sodom, destroyed, according to the Old Testament by God, for the immorality and depraved life of its inhabitants, was destroyed by a meteorite. Archaeologists working in Tell el-Hammami, an ancient settlement in the Jordan Valley that is believed to have been the city of Sodom mentioned in the Book of Genesis, have found charred human remains, including wind-blown skulls and skeletons, melted buildings. , metals, ceramics and bubble-covered clay bricks, which suggests that the temperature exceeds 2000 C ", - reports The Times.

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"They also found spherical particles of iron and silica and quartz crystals in the soil samples, which cracked under very high pressure, indicating a high-speed impact or air explosion from a meteorite fall," the publication said.

"In articles published by the University of California, Santa Barbara, and in a lengthy report in the journal Nature Scientific Reports, researchers suggest that the impact was similar to the Tunguska meteorite of 1908, when a 60-meter comet or asteroid struck eastern Siberia, causing a powerful explosion. 12 megatons (() », - the edition writes.

Sodom was destroyed by a meteorite, scientists say

According to the Book of Genesis, Sodom and Gomorrah, two of the five prosperous "cities on the plains," were known for their immoral behavior, with Sodom being particularly associated with homosexuality. God sent two angels to destroy Sodom, because His indignation was incredibly strong, "the article reads.

"According to archaeologists, the explosion, which dates back to about 1650 BC, lifted a lot of salt into the air near the Dead Sea, spreading the crystals over long distances. The very high salinity of the soil could explain why the once prosperous cities in the lower Jordan Valley were abandoned in the late Bronze Age. Tell el-Hammam, which at the peak of its development was ten times larger than Jerusalem, had not been inhabited for another 600 years.

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"The cosmic shock could have caused an oral account of God's wrath in two cities. The destruction of Sodom is also described in detail in the Qur'an. In recent years, other scientific explanations for ancient biblical legends have emerged, including the suggestion that the unburned bush was caused by burning natural oil and that the fall of the walls of Jericho could have been caused by an earthquake.

"All observations in the Book of Genesis are consistent with a cosmic aerial explosion," said James Kenneth, an honorary professor of earth sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara. "But there is no scientific evidence that this ruined city is really Old Testament Sodom." However, testimonies are increasingly pointing to a close connection with the oral tradition, ”the article emphasizes. ()

Source: The Times

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