The Russian opposition demands that they not be demonized, but...


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And he doesn't even want to hear that what he jumped on the bloody (red) square in 2014 caused the events of 2022!!! And I am more than sure that if they had succeeded in killing Ukrainians with impunity now, it would not have protested. The protest is not against the war, but against what was received in this war. As I have been saying since 1991, Russians are genetic Nazis and gopniks, and there is no point in sorting out who is an oppositionist and who is a dictator. What the hell does it matter to us who is in power, the fascist Putin or the Nazi Navalny?!!

Fascist Russia has an evil people and a cowardly army!

Someone says that the war began in 2022, someone says that in 2014, and I assure you, and historical science confirms it, the war began during the reign of Ivan the Terrible (the so-called terrible) and has not stopped since then... And only a burnt-out Moscow will stop this war!!!

The Russian opposition demands that they not be demonized, but in Crimea...

Victor Stanislavovich

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