Rules of conduct for officers at the ball


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We all read books about the period of Tsarist Russia in the 19th century. The era of nobles, nobles, princes, kings. Ballroom parties, a kind of fashion. High manners and other etiquette.
This is how the writers saw her or wanted to see her. But as it turned out, this time was far from that beautiful, utopian world.

Rules of conduct for officers at the ball

As proof, I cite the example of the Decree of 1807 on the occasion of a party in Poland:

"ORDER On the Suzdal Mushkater Regiment Kovno August 20, 1807 N372

On the occasion of the appointed date at the Polish prince Sangush ball and the invitation to this of all the Headquarters and Ober-Officers of the regiment entrusted to me, I prescribe to take the following to the leadership and unquestionable execution: knapsacks.

Show up to the Prince of Poland for the ball at exactly 8 o'clock. evenings.

Arriving at the ball to inspect the serviceability of your amunitia, so that you would not see the naked body through the holes in the tempting places.

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When you come into peace, do not blow your nose on the floor, but have whole scarves for that.

Do not send obscene inscriptions on the walls of the apartments and do not draw seductive members of the human body.

When the Polish women show up, behave as modestly as possible. You can't turn your ass to the face of the ladies, don't keep your hands in your pockets with your pantaloons when talking with beautiful gentlemen, and don't play your members.

During dances and counters, do not substitute your ladies 'legs so that they fall, do not put them on their knees and do not feel the ladies' asses.

In buffets, do not get drunk until drunk, do not spit in the corners of the rooms and do not blow your fingers out.

During dinner at the table, do not utter filthy words and do not put members in the hands of neighboring ladies under the table. After dinner, don't go out to the balcony to shit, but go for this to the outhouse.

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When parting with the ladies, bow three times in the French manner and generally behave decently during the ball, as if befitting an educated Russian officer. "


Regiment Commander, Colonel Zorublev

(Original in Kovensky Archive)

This is the same Suzdal regiment, so well-known in historical literature, which was commanded by our future great commander, and at that time Colonel Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov, and precisely from the time when he commanded it (1763-1768)

There were only 1812 years left before the war of 5.

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