The priests of the Moscow Patriarchate once again proved that they are on the side of evil


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The priests of the Moscow Patriarchate once again proved that they are on the side of evil

Changes to the charter at the so-called refuge. "Local cathedral" RPCvU (so-called UOC-MP) - profanation and Chekist manipulation, conspiracy with ZErezhim.

1. The meeting of Moscow priests condemned the war, not the aggression of the Russian Federation, which gives a formal reason for the regime not to ban the MP.
2. The MP stands for negotiations (read: capitulation) of Ukraine and Russia, not for the victory of Ukraine, which also plays into the hands of the capitulating government;
3. The Council disagreed with Gundyaev on the war in Ukraine.
Disagreement is not condemnation.
Disagreement only after the war is a trick to save your sect.
4. Amendments to the Statute regarding full independence UOC MP - a lie. According to the Charter, which is adhered to by the MP, Putinist Gundyaev remains the head of the MP in Ukraine.
5. The Council did not make a statement on the actual occupation of its parishes in the south and east of Ukraine. On the contrary, he gave his priests full freedom of action during the occupation, that is, he blessed the collaboration.
6. The MP reiterated its desire to develop Russian culture and language among Ukrainians.
7. The Council of the MP did not condemn the terrorist and collaborationist activities of its priests.
8. Meanwhile, the MP in unison with Putin and Gundyaev again condemned the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the legitimate, canonical Orthodox Church of Ukraine, which is inciting ethnic hatred, insulting Ukrainian believers, interfering with religious freedom, inciting interfaith conflict. MP (RTSVU) in Ukraine.

Hit with a highly spiritual Orthodox homosexuality on a spiritless gayropean sodomy

But this will already happen under the new Ukrainian government, and not during the regime of the Moscow branch of Ermak-Kolomoisky.


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