He tore out the lightning from the sky, and then the scepters from the tyrants


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Who doesn't know Benjamin Franklin on the $ 100? Most of those surveyed will say that he was one of the Presidents of the United States.

He tore out the lightning from the sky, and then the scepters from the tyrants

But unlike the characters on all the other bills, Franklin has never been President.
At the same time, he is an extremely unusual character - an inventor, scientist, postmaster, diplomat, journalist, freemason ...
Here are some facts from his biography:
Born in 1706 in Boston as the 15th (!) Child in a poor family with 16 children.
I managed to finish only 2 classes (!) Of elementary school and from the age of 10 I went to work in a printing house. There, as an apprentice printer, he first tried himself as an author of articles.
At the age of 21, he organized his own printing house, which published the Pennsylvania Gazette. By that time, I was simultaneously studying a couple of European languages ​​and Latin.

Having become interested in the phenomenon of electricity, he began to study it and made several inventions, many of which are still used today - a lightning rod, bifocals, an electric fuse.
As an inventor, he created and put into use such things that we use every day - for example, a rocking chair, a stove for a small house.
He also has a map of the Gulf Stream (like its name).

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In 1728 he founded the Leather Aprons Club, which 15 years later became the American Philosophical Society.
In 1729, Franklin publishes an article "A Modest Inquiry into the Nature and Necessity of Paper Money." Based on the calculations, Franklin proposes to abandon the use of metallic money in favor of paper money.
In 1731 he founded the Philadelphia Public Library, the first in the New World.
In 1740 - the Philadelphia Academy, which later became the foundation of the University of Pennsylvania. Now it is one of the oldest and most respected educational institutions in America.
From 1737 to 1753 he was postmaster of Pennsylvania, and then to 1774 he was postmaster of the North American colonies.
Also, Franklin is one of the designers of the Great State Seal of the USA.

He is one of the authors of the 1787 US Constitution.
Benjamin Franklin is the only founding father to have signed all three of the most important historical documents that underlie the formation of the United States of America as an independent state: the United States Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Versailles Peace Treaty of 1783.

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He was so active in his personal field that he eventually published a collection of tips for choosing mistresses.

He owns a number of popular aphorisms, the most famous of which are "Time is money", "Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today."
He died in April 1790, at the age of 84. More than twenty thousand people attended his funeral - out of a Philadelphia population of thirty thousand.
On his gravestone is the inscription: "He tore out the lightning from the sky, and then the scepters from the tyrants" ...

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