Olaf Scholz against the embargo on Russian gas


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In principle, Scholz told everything well, with a calculator in hand, but his calculator takes into account the financial losses of Germany, but does not take into account how much it will allow the Russian Nazis to kill children in Ukraine !!! - ukrmir.info

Olaf Scholz against the embargo on Russian gas

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz believes that a sharp embargo on Russian gas will not stop the military conflict in Ukraine, but will only lead to a serious economic crisis in Germany and throughout Europe. "If Putin had accepted the economic arguments, he would never have started this crazy war," Scholz said in an interview with Der Spiegel.

According to Scholz, the German government wants to avoid the economic crisis, the loss of millions of jobs and factories that would never open again. As a result of the embargo, the entire European economy could suffer, which would create difficulties for financing the reconstruction of Ukraine after the end of the military conflict, Scholz added.

It is difficult to comment. Heroism that will go down in history forever

The day before, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mer said that the embargo on Russian gas is not yet being discussed as possible sanctions against Russia. He added that a ban on gas from Nazi Russia could halt the economies of several countries.

The European Union receives about 40 percent of the gas it consumes from Nazi Russia. According to the European Commission, it is impossible to replace this amount immediately - the cessation of supply will inevitably lead to fuel shortages and rising energy prices for citizens.

Fifty victims, five of them children - Kramatorsk

Most EU countries are taking steps to reduce energy imports from fascist Russia to limit the Kremlin's ability to finance the war. Only Hungary unequivocally refuses to do so.

Data for the morning 22,04,2022

Olaf Scholz against the embargo on Russian gas

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