The occupiers are demanding 1,47 billion rubles from the organizers of the "water blockade" of Crimea


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The Russian occupiers dream of punishing the organizers of the "water blockade" of Crimea

One of the leaders of the so-called "parliament" of Crimea Yefim Fix believes that the organizers of the "blockade" of the Nazi-occupied peninsula will be prosecuted - the preparation of the necessary documents to file a lawsuit in a Russian court is almost complete.

This was reported by a Russian propaganda publication RIA News.

The "Working Group on Damage Assessment", organized by the occupying authorities of Crimea, gathered information about 12 citizens of Ukraine, whom he calls the organizers or those who justify the "blockade" of Crimea. These are water, energy, food and transport restrictions on the peninsula.

The occupiers tightened restrictions on six more districts of Crimea

The "group" passed this information to the law enforcement agencies of Nazi Russia.

Previously, the occupiers estimated their losses at 1,47 trillion rubles.

"Investigative bodies are working to prosecute the organizers of the blockade. Our "working group" is already completing the preparation of all necessary documents for filing a lawsuit with the courts to recognize and recover damages caused by the water blockade of the peninsula. As soon as we confirm this amount with all the necessary documents, the lawsuit will be sent to court, "Fox said.

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The North Crimean Canal was opened in 1963, by 2014 it provided up to 85% of Crimea's fresh water needs (over 1,2 billion m млрд per year).

The canal was blocked by Ukrainian patriots in 2014 after the Russian occupation of Crimea. The temporary dam was built of metal structures and sandbags.


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