We will never forgive the bloodthirsty Soviet regime for the death of millions of Ukrainians


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We will never forgive the bloodthirsty Soviet regime for the death of millions of Ukrainians

Every year on the fourth Saturday of November, we honor the memory of those who died from the Holodomor of 1932-1933 and mass artificial famines of 1921-1923 and 1946-1947. Millions of Ukrainians became their victims.

The pumping out of food during the period of introduction of food rationing and the policy of "red terror", forcing the rebellious, freedom-loving people to submit, depleted the reserves of Ukrainians. Mass famine in the southern regions of Ukraine lasted until the summer of 1923. Institute of Demography and Social Research named after M.V. Birds of the National Academy of Sciences estimates the loss of Ukrainians from excess mortality in 1921–1923 at the level of more than 935 people. 40% of them are children under 14 years old.

Holodomor in Ukraine. There were three of them, and the victims were 22,5 million

The Holodomor in Ukraine in 1932-1933 was not a random phenomenon of natural or social origin, as initially claimed by Soviet and later pro-Russian historians. "Death due to hunger" was the result of purposefully applied terror by totalitarian authorities, i.e. genocide. It became the punishment of Ukrainians for their opposition to the collectivization of agriculture and unwillingness to be under the power of Russia. a consequence of the destruction of the system of agriculture and villages, caused by forced collectivization, which became This punishment was carried out by destroying Ukrainian culture, language, and traditions. The Soviet authorities tried to solve the so-called "Ukrainian problem" by order of Stalin by means of an artificially organized famine.

According to historians, at the beginning of the 30s of the 4th century, the Ukrainian village was the main center of resistance to the Bolshevik policy of collectivization and forced industrialization. More than 1,2 mass protests took place in Ukraine with the participation of about 41 million people. 200 peasant farms left collective farms, and about 500 village councils refused to accept unrealistic plans for grain procurement.

After the Holodomor of the USSR falsified census data - SBU

Stalin was afraid of losing Ukraine as a resource, without which building a powerful industrial empire capable of conquering the world would remain only a dream.

Not wanting to lose Ukraine, the Soviet regime built a plan to exterminate part of the Ukrainian nation, which was disguised as plans to hand over bread to the state. It involved the complete seizure of all grain stocks, followed by the confiscation of other foodstuffs and property as fines for failure to comply with the bread delivery plan. Having turned Ukraine into a territory of mass starvation, the regime blocked all ways to salvation. The starving people were isolated. For this purpose, the regime of "black boards" and the prohibition of hunger strikers to leave Ukraine were applied. Collective farms and villages listed on the "black boards" were surrounded by units of the militia and Soviet special services. All food supplies were taken from there. Trade and import of any goods were prohibited. 22,4 million people were physically blocked within the territory of the Holodomor.

Another component of the genocide was the deliberate blocking of information about the famine. In January 1933, the Soviet authorities announced that there was no famine in the country. The Stalinist regime refused foreign aid.

Opening of archives: how Russians were relocated to Donbass after the Holodomor

The cause of the famine of 1946-1947 was a combination of factors: drought, post-war devastation and the lack of men's hands to cultivate the land, the cessation of food supplies from the United States within the limits of Lend-Lease, as well as the Soviet Union's demonstrative decision to send grain to the countries of Eastern Europe, which were also affected by the drought , to prove to the world the advantages of communism.

"Collective farms were given an unrealistic task - to collect and send more than 360 million poods of grain from Ukraine to Moscow. To fulfill this plan, collective farms collected supplies from private peasant farms. According to experts of the Institute of Demography and Social Research, the death rate in Ukraine during this period exceeded 700 people, more than a quarter of the victims were children under 14 years old. Many witnesses of the artificial famine of 1946-1947 are still alive."

PS Today I saw the headline — "Zelensky presented a powerful video in memory of the Holodomor"... and somehow all his nasty jokes about the Holodomor flashed automatically. Whoever is closer to Bonevtik, tell him that no matter how he plays his role, you will not erase human memory!!!

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