The legendary volunteer - the leader of the EU team in Kharkiv - Oleg Abramychev


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? A significant figure for the Kharkiv community. A volunteer who is well known in many volunteer and army units of the Armed Forces under the call sign "Pyrotechnician".

During the six years of the war, he drove almost one million kilometers in his car and delivered more than 200 tons of military and civilian aid to Donbass.

? I have repeatedly brought to the front famous cultural figures - musicians, actors, poets and writers to support the fighting spirit of our defenders: "I decided that today we must be in the political team that is ready to actively defend democratic European values, to fight for our independence and sovereignty! The EU is the only Ukrainian party in Kharkiv with a specific program of action that we will implement, ”Oleh Abramychev said.

ЛегOleg Abramychev is the leader of the European Solidarity team in Kharkiv.

Assistance to the anti-Moscow Ukrainian site (Optional) / Site help (if desired and available):
Requisites: PrivatBank card № 5168 7456 0964 2191 - Monobank card № 4441 1144 2246 2422

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