Are King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Ukrainians?


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Are King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Ukrainians?

Are King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Ukrainians? To some, it will seem delusional and they will remember the joke about how the Ukrainians dug the Black Sea. About the sea some time next time, and now about the Ukrainian roots of the glorious knights of the Round Table.

When in 2004, the famous Hollywood director Antoine Fuqua released another version of the film called "King Arthur", a powerful scandal hit. Also, in the film, King Arthur and his fellow Knights of the Round Table are on duty in Rome, forming something of a special force that protects the borders of the Roman Empire in Britain from raids by the Saxons.
But that was not what shocked the proud British. The origin of the knights, who according to the plot of the film are "barbarians" - Sarmatians from the steppes of the Northern Black Sea region, was shocking. Armor, appearance, weapons in the film are from here, from the Ukrainian Steppe...

There were only two such warriors in the world: Be proud, descendants!

For hundreds of years, the British were proud of their knights, and suddenly Fuqua planted such a pig. The rage and despair of the residents of foggy Albion knew no bounds. With whatever words they hid the treacherous director. Maybe they would have accused him of being a secret Ukrainian and eating peppercorns with garlic at night, if he wasn't African-American.
Meanwhile, the British are indignant in vain. The point is that Lancelot and company really weren't British.
In 175, 2,5 thousand Yazigis, who were famous as invincible heavy cavalry, entered the service of Rome and were sent to Britain.
Arthur and his knights are descended from them. This conclusion was reached by British researchers Scott Littleton and Linda Melko, as well as the famous historian and anthropologist from Cambridge Howard Reed.

Moreover, the famous sword Excalibur, which, according to the oldest legends, belonged to Lancelot, and then passed to King Arthur, is Sarmatian. In the Sarmatian-Alan era, long before the conquest of the British Isles by the Normans, there was a story about a sword in a stone.

There is a well-founded theory according to which the name of the sword comes from the Latin word "chalybs" (steel), which in turn originates from kalybes - Sarmatian blacksmiths.
This echoes the evidence of Greek and Roman authors about the Sarmatians who prayed to a sword stuck in the ground. And in general, it is impossible not to know about the cult of the sword among the peoples of the Ukrainian Steppe. This is not about paganism, as historians believed and believe - here everything is much more complicated and interesting...

Characteristics - magical special forces

How does this apply to Ukraine? The fact is that at one time the real origin of the Rus tribe and the Rurik clan in particular was hidden from us with the shameful Norman theory. In fact, these are the famous Roxalans, who, together with the Yazygs, Aors and Siraks, made up the Sarmatian-Alan superethnos.
Therefore, King Arthur and Sir Lancelot may very well be close relatives of the princes from the Rurik family, who in 500 years will begin to build a powerful empire in Russia, which in terms of military power and wealth disputed with Byzantium itself...

Why the Norman theory is false; where the Russians and the descendants of the glorious Rurik actually come from; what kind of people-tribe and faith are they; why Svyatoslav fought with the Khazars, Bulgarians, Byzantines, Yassians, and Kasogs; why the baptism of Russia by Volodymyr the Great is a myth; where does the Trident come from and what do the colors of the Ukrainian flag symbolize?
And the main thing: what is the biggest secret of Russia-Ukraine, which resonates to this day, including this bloody war?

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