The 2004 film "Bunker" is very relevant today


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The 2004 film "Bunker" is very relevant today

We highly recommend watching the film "Bunker" in 2004. It would not hurt to watch the film to the fascist top of the modern Russian Reich. History will make its circle, and everyone will get what they deserve…

April 1945. Troops of the anti-Hitler coalition are squeezing a wedding ring around the capital of the Third Reich - Berlin. In the face of imminent defeat, the Nazi elite seeks refuge in a secret bunker, unwilling to leave the mad Fuhrer.

Atrocities of the red "liberators" of Europe

Rejecting offers of escape, Hitler claims that victory is near. He orders Germany to be razed to the ground and discusses the details of his suicide. The last refuge of the executioners is permeated with agony and fear. And only those who come out of this concrete hell alive will be able to tell the story of the last minutes of life and the gloomy fall of the dictator and his regime.

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