Friends, it is necessary to make this body famous


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Friends, it is necessary to make this body famousThis story just touched the point of impossibility. Please help to reach the diaspora in Dusseldorf, Germany. But to make the scum known in Germany too...

There was such a thing anti-Maidan activist Serhii Molchanov in Kharkiv, his mother is a Russian fascist from Kharkiv, his brother is covered in swastika tattoos and other symbols of "anti-fascism" so beloved in modern Russia.

So this body, with the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, kidnaps his children and his wife, who at that time no longer lived with him, takes them to a village near Kharkiv near the border with our eternal enemy, and prepares to cross the border with them, his wife managed to escape somehow managed to escape without documents, but fortunately on the way he met a boy from "Azov". He helped her wrest her daughter from the scumbag man, as a result Serhiy Molchanov had to shoot himself in the leg to bring her to consciousness and calm her down.

But the most interesting future fate S. Molchanova. It is not known how this body ends up in a military hospital, from where it is transported to Germany, the city of Dusseldorf, where it undergoes further treatment and successfully collects funds for the operation, rehearsing for the whole of Germany that it is injured and completely miserable.

It is simply necessary for the diaspora in Germany to learn what kind of scum is now nearby and is successfully undergoing treatment, having raised a janissary son and a traitor to Ukraine just like himself.

I do not think that it will be difficult for our Ukrainians in Dusseldorf to find the scumbag and get to know him better. Here is a link to his social networks — VKontakte and Classmates. And although he cleaned them, I think that it is possible to make a general impression about this body, if he does not clean his accounts completely, or does not delete...

PS The neighbors where he lived in Kharkiv said that they would tear him to pieces as soon as he appeared, and he has no way back to Ukraine, the SBU is already waiting for him, his brother has already been arrested, which was reported on TV... Well, the greens have already released him , and he did scurry with his mother to the rad Mokshan fuckers...

P.P.S Unfortunately, the son is probably lost forever, it is almost impossible to eradicate the Russian propaganda upbringing...

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