Writing in the language of the occupier, difficult to understand


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Writing in the language of the occupier, difficult to understand

I'm sorry, but this post will be paired.
Not so long ago, I came across a recording of another Russian liberal who a) hates the Puila regime, b) “experienced mental anguish because of the Crimea.” and this is what it said:
- Recently, friends invited me to the Crimea. At first, I was tormented for a long time - after all, Crimea RETURNED the Laptestan “Puilo criminal”, but, on the other hand, such good people live and work there, my friends ... and suddenly I UNDERSTAND: Crimea is not someone’s Russian or Ukrainian! Crimea belongs to the very wonderful people who LIVE THERE, and with a clear conscience I got together and went to visit them! ”(C)
I won’t even focus on the moment that all this “Appasitsion” liberalism constantly comes up with sad excuses for its complicity in the crimes of such a “hated” Puila regime. I am now talking about another thesis of ryZZ propaganda: “belongs to those who live there!”
follow the fingers:
for generations
- to kill the local population (Ukrainians, Kyrymly, Balts, Nokhchi, Kazakhs, Belarussians) with famines, repressions, throw them into prisons, psychiatric hospitals, exiles, forcibly deport entire families and settlements to their dull fucks of Siberia, the Far North and the Far East;
- to bring their barefooted, bast-bast, silent, submissive slave schmuck to the still not cooled down corpses of the former owners in cattle cars into the houses that have not been plundered;
- prohibit and destroy at all levels the local language and culture, the only language that allows career and all other growths to proclaim and support only ryuZZkey;
- in the occupied national regions to provide preferential housing to all military and NKVDshno-KGBshno-FSB pensioners, and their descendants - preferential conditions for education and careers;
- deliberately form local elites and repressive bodies from imported slaves and local collaborators;
- fill all the broadcasts with massive RyuZZist propaganda (art, news, literature) about "the inseparable bonds of fraternal peoples under the wing of the elder RyuZZkava brother";
and after all this - something there mumble about "those who live there!" 🤦
and let's do it, ryZZist liberals, FIRST - to throw out and deport back to your Little Fuckers and Dull Perdies everyone, that's without exception - ALL the slaves imported over the past 150 years from the resource pederation and their descendants, to restore national languages ​​and culture, and ONLY THEN - something to talk about the choice of those who live here, and about who owns the land of their homelands 🧐


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