Ancient Sparta, or a small excursion into ancient history


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Ancient Sparta, or a small excursion into ancient history

There was such an entity in ancient times as Sparta, a very strong state at that time, warlike and victorious. The victories of Sparta and their power, as well as the rather rich life of the citizens, depended on the army and the health of the nation. But at the expense of what? Using purely fascist methods, the weak, sick, old and infirm were simply thrown off the cliff into the abyss...

It would seem that at the expense of such methods the country would forever be the strongest and victorious, conquer the whole world and flourish and be the richest and strongest. Let's not go into the depths of what happened in those times, but Sparta did not exist... this is how GOD decided, for their cruelty and violation of HIS laws, so did Hitler's Germany, Stalin-Lenin's Soviet Union, and Putin's Russia did not.

Let's look at the countries of Europe using the example of the Netherlands (because I know how it is here, I see with my eyes and hear with my ears) - the Netherlands, despite the fact that they spend huge amounts of money on the treatment and dignified life of the most vulnerable, making their lives as comfortable as possible - prospers more than the vast majority of European countries...

What am I leading this to now, we are collecting funds to help the disabled people of Kharkiv, who found themselves in an extremely difficult situation due to the aggressive war of fascist Russia against our Ukraine. We do not need large funds, the most necessary need is gasoline, which is needed to deliver humanitarian aid to those who cannot come to the distribution points themselves...

The needs of fighters in medicine and transport

Bank card numbers are below, I emphasize once again, large sums are not required - 50-100 hryvnias. it is enough if you have a desire, help our armed forces with more funds...


— "PrivatBank" card 4149 6293 3005 9817

— "Monobank" card 4441 1144 2246 2422

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