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Ukraine's defense forces are holding back the Russian fascist offensive

▪️ The events in Bucha, Irpen, and Kramatorsk overshadowed our efforts to find a peaceful solution to Russia's war against Erdogan. He also stressed his readiness to hold talks between the presidents of Ukraine and Russia.

▪️ The Ministry of Defense of the Rashists called the missile strikes on civilians and civilian objects in Lviv the destruction of "large consignments of Western weapons."

▪️ in the USA introduced a special status (Temporary Protected Status) for citizens of Ukraine who are in the country. With temporary protection status, Ukrainians will be able to stay in the United States for up to 18 months and work. - Ermak.

The square was burning red, the stars were burning in the Kremlin

▪️ Europe depends on Russian gas, but France does not need it, - Macron. He said France would continue to push for sanctions on Russian gas supplies.

▪️ The world is entering a new "cold war" and therefore it is time to prepare for its consequences, in particular in terms of food, energy and cybersecurity, - said Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin.

▪️Enemy ships moved almost 200 km from the Ukrainian shores. But the blocking of navigation and the threat of missile strikes remain - OK South.

▪️ The United States will focus on sanctions against the Russian military-industrial complex in order to destroy any opportunity for Russia to rebuild its potential during the war in Ukraine, - US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeem.

Do you believe in the existence of "good Russians"? Then you should visit Bucha

▪️ The World Bank has lowered its forecast for global economic growth due to the war between Russia and Ukraine and is preparing a $ 170 billion aid package amid the aftermath of the war in Ukraine.

▪️Due to martial law, internally displaced children who will lack documents will also be included in the first grades of secondary schools.

▪️ There are several hundred convicts and prisoners in pre-trial detention centers and penitentiaries seized by the Russian military. We are talking, first of all, about Kherson and Melitopol - Malyuska.

▪️ In Moscow, the former vice-president of Russia's Gazprombank, his wife and daughter were found dead.

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