"Fighting the oligarchs" Zelensky turned on himself


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"Fighting the oligarchs" Zelensky turned on himself

Despite the presence of criminal proceedings against the former head of the board of Privatbank Alexander Dubilet, who is accused of involvement in the illegal withdrawal of Privatbank's money in the amount of $ 5 billion, neither the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine nor the Ministry of Justice are taking any legal action regarding the extradition of Dubilet living in Israel in the village of Herzliya-Pituach (הרצליה פיתוח) on Galei Thelet Street. (גלי ת'לט), to Ukraine.

Biden and Putin will discuss the problems of Ukraine without Zelensky

The explanation for this is very simple, the firms owned by Zelensky were directly involved in the withdrawal of this money. This is the case when Zelensky, "fighting the oligarchs", came out on his own.


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