Without it, there will be no balance in our universe


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Without it, there will be no balance in our universe

And what's up with the Bald Pochuist from Kvartal - is he joking about the wanted banker Shevchenko, as he used to joke about Gontareva, or is he afraid of a sniper?

In general, the old adage "what you measure is how you measure" worked without fail in our case, and straight to the point.

Those who complained about an expensive dollar for 25, got it for 40, with the corresponding price of onion and borscht set.

The werewolf "honored" the memory of those he called "sheep" in 2014

Who had fun pestering Poroshenko with nonsense about "svynarchuks" is now suffering from the consequences of total looting by lovers of "quietly go to the forest", ride on humanitarian cars and allocate billions to their girlfriends.

Something is not heard about the substations blown up by Russian missiles from
"experts" on explosions at military warehouses because of the "bad Muzhenko".

Well, the "reluctance to end the war" and the same Poroshenko's "guilt" in Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo turned into Mariupol, Izyum and Buchea.

Now Zelensky is faced with a dilemma:

There is no mention of the "atoputinapadet", "language on bread" and other "thermos" at all, outside of the competition, there is something to think about on the "points of invincibility".
This is not "this second", this is society's homework, to realize in what dirt it was dumped, and how various positive "who did it somewhere" try to avoid responsibility for it.

And you will have to realize, without this there will be no balance of our universe.

Valery Prozapas

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