#ArmUkraineNow - "provide Ukraine with weapons immediately"!


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#ArmUkraineNow - "provide Ukraine with weapons immediately"!

A flash mob that speaks for itself - to support Ukraine and provide our country with heavy weapons, which in turn will be able to repel the aggressor! After all, this is now the most important priority for every Ukrainian!

✅ To join, you must meet three simple conditions:

1. Take a photo with a piece of paper, phone, tablet, etc. on which the text "Arm Ukraine Now«.

2. Post your photo with a poster on one or more social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Write a short appeal to the world community to provide Ukraine with heavy weapons.

3. In your post, pass the baton of the flash mob to at least three friends / public figures (politicians, artists, athletes, other authorities). BE SURE to add a hashtag to the post #ArmUkraineNow.

Join us! We will win anyway, but with heavy weapons - it will be faster!

Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Assistance to the anti-Moscow Ukrainian site (Optional)
Details: PrivatBank card № 5168 7456 0964 2191 - Monobank card № 4441 1144 2246 2422

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